Epicor Knowledge Mentor Books

Epicor Knowledge Mentor Books

If you haven’t explored the power of Books and book pages in EKM (Epicor Knowledge Mentor) take a look at them now!

Books and book pages are a particular way of presenting learning content by using different lessons and materials within a creative and diverse design and compilation.

Book pages are useful because they combine multimedia tools with user interaction. They make it possible to incorporate lessons as well as audio and video files. You can even link to the latest clip on YouTube. Using different elements and media presents you with many and various opportunities for presenting and communicating information. Moreover, the book page design can be individually edited and customized to suit your corporate look and feel.

EKM books

Easy to create, diverse applications

Book pages make it possible to create courses on a particular topic quickly by inserting objects on the book page and linking them to tutorials and documents that you’ve created within the Epicor suite of products. In this way you can amalgamate a number of different lessons into one group or chapter. You can also design a book page using simple texts, Corporate Policty documents or video files and thus provide these to the learner at the same time as giving them access to iScala or Epicor 9 screens.

Didactic benefit

Books and book pages promote independent learning and a stronger engagement with the facts as learners are able to use and discover the content individually. They allow the student to work with the content that is relevant to him and ensure variety due to different information formats.


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